How to make Henna Paste at Home from Scratch

How to make Henna Paste at Home from Scratch

Here is how to make henna paste from powder. It is the best homemade paste for all henna tattoos, mehndi designs, hairs and hands of men and women.

Henna tattoos, henna designs or mehndi designs are temporary tattoos and famous all around the world. All tattoo designs like tribal tattoos, butterfly tattoos and angel tattoos can easily be made with henna or mehndi simply and easy. The difference between a pierced tattoo and henna tattoo is that a henna tattoo is temporary tattoo and will last for maximum up to 7 days.  Henna and especially the black henna is best thing for temporary tattoos.

Henna tattoos can easily be made with henna at home. You can purchase any best henna cone from store or prepare a henna paste at home yourself. It is very easy and simple. Here you will see that how you can prepare your own henna paste from scratch. This paste will work for hair and for hands both. You have a better choice to make your henna paste darker, black or of any shade. To make this homemade henna paste you simply need the following things

  1. A bowl or pot – Better is of plastic
  2. Few cloves – about 15 to 20 pieces
  3. Water
  4. Mustard oil
  5. Henna powder
  6. Grounded coffee powder
How Do you Make Henna?

It is and easy and simple process. Pour some water in the pot and start heating it gently. Suppose you have 200 gm of henna. For this you will need about 3 glass of water. Put the cloves and about 2 teaspoons of coffee powder in it. You keep it heating up until you get mixed everything. The cloves and coffee powder should transfer their color fully to the water. Take down the bowl and let it cool. Slow heating and slow cooling is best idea for a best henna paste. It will help you have a dark and glowing henna design. After it is cooled, filter the solid stuff out. You will have pure darkish black water.

Put 2 teaspoons of henna powder in the bowl and one spoon of water in it. Stir it well. Add some more powder and more water. Stir it again. Keep adding the both ingredients and keep stirring. Do not add anything at once as a whole. Keep adding little by little until you get a well consistent henna paste. Your paste should not be too thick or too runny. It should be like a loose tooth paste.

Now add some drops of mustard oil to make it strong and darker. Stir the paste again after adding oil.

Your Henna paste is ready for use. You can make any henna design or tattoo at your hand or at any part of the body.

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