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How to Make a Tattoo At Home Which is Permanent and Easily Removable?

Permanent and Temporary tattoo

Let’s learn how to make a permanent or a semi permanent tattoo diy at home. Commonly you can do it fake with a pen or sharpie that looks real or make a temporary one with wax paper, printer or with some household items. All these processes are without needle so obviously without pain too.

But how long does sharpie last? So the most of the design lovers like other main methods such as papers like parchment, hairspray, regular, inkjet, printable and simple. Laser and needle are even stronger.

No mention how a homemade method is cute easy; in each case you will draw it with ink on yourself and on your skin even if you use a deodorant without baby powder or finishing spray.

Careless of the fashion and beauty trends, the choices are different. Some people want shiny while the others use remover to remove shine. Similarly some want permanent picture on their skin while the others say “ do it for the time being; temporary please”.

Tattoos are actually very cool and are in fashion nowadays but it is very risky to live with ink under your skin as the ink is not always skin friendly. It may causes allergy and infection and many more diseases in our skin.

So in order to prevent the harmful effect of those ink, I find out this tattoo idea which looks like an original permanent tattoo and it is actually enough permanent too.

Here I will tell you a simple and easy method to make a tattoo at home. This tattoo will have following qualities!

  1. It is very easy to make
  2. It is done with a simple ink so you will not be at risk of allergy and other skin problems.
  3. It is like permanent and will not vanish very soon.
  4. It is waterproof and will not get dim with liquids.
  5. It is easily removable and even will disappear after few days.

So for this, first draw a tattoo pattern on your hand with the help of City marker. Try using a black city marker. However you can use marker of any color whatever you like.

After completing the main design on your hand, here do another design of tattoo for example a star. It is to see a difference between the permanent and a non permanent.

To make our tattoo permanent, you will have to use a nail topcoat so for that. What I am saying? I am just going to apply the nail topcoat on my tattoo. Do it very carefully guys. Make sure that while applying this topcoat onto your tattoo, you do not smudge your tattoo color.

Let it dry properly. You will not do the same process with the second (star) tattoo so that to see the difference between the permanent and the non permanent tattoo.

Now this is the testing time. After your tattoo gets dry and what you will do is just going to apply water with the help of cotton ball and rub it. Go rubbing the tattoo properly and you will see that it is as it was and there is not a single smudge.

It is absolutely perfect and permanent. You will see that the cotton is completely white. There is not a single mark of color. The star, where I didn’t apply the toenail topcoat, is getting lighter in color.

Ingredients for making a tattoo at home

Ingredients for making a tattoo at home

This is a simple technique and I really hope that you will see the difference of the permanent and the non permanent. With the passage of time, you will see that the star is almost gone and my main tattoo is as it is in its place.

This tattoo is going to stay in its place for at least five to six days and you can also remove this before any time by using a nail remover properly.

the article is the production of our own team. We also took hints from wikihow, YouTube and tattoos.lovetoknow etc.

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