How to Make a Henna Tattoo with 2 Ingredients

How to Make a Henna Tattoo with 2 Ingredients

I will tell you very simple way to make henna paste, henna cone, henna tattoo or mehndi deign which will be darker and long lasting.

Your henna tattoo kits will no doubt contain henna, henna ink, henna paste, henna paint and many more other things but I am going to make you learn how to make henna tattoo or mehndi design with two ingredients only. For this purpose you can use homemade henna paste but I will also show you how to make henna tattoo paste easily. You will need no henna oil or henna cones as we shall prepare henna cone DIY at home. I have used henna color white however you can chose black henna, red henna or some other henna color.

This article will give you answers of following questions

  • How to make a henna tattoo without henna powder
  • How to make a henna tattoo darker
  • How to make henna tattoo ink
  • How to make henna tattoo paste
  • How to make henna tattoos last longer

It is not mehndi henna but looks like exactly natural henna. The interesting thing is that you are not to buy henna from shop as you will see here a best alternative of henna dye. You will save your time as you will need no long henna recipe. And finally my henna recipe will tell you how to make henna darker and tattoos last longer.

Be ready for a best beautiful henna tattoo at your home DIY.

Actually we need two ingredients. A cone of Henna paste and corn starch but as I said we shall prepare the cone our selves very very easily.

Collect the following things on the table.

  • A plastic zip lock bag. You can use any polyethylene but zipper bag has good thick plastic.
  • A white body cream
  • A body design glue
  • Corn starch
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

We need only two main ingredients cream and glue and rest of things are for process only.


  1. Cut the zip lock bag from all side to get 2 pieces of papers of medium cone size. Also cut away the zipper part.
  2. Wrap one paper in cone shape and fix it with scotch tape at bottom and middle to make your cone well sealed so that there is no leakage.
  3. In a pot mix up some cream and body glue with 1:2 ratios. 1 part of paint and 2 part cream. This is you homemade henna paste.
  4. Pour the mixture in the cone and close it from the open end to make a closed cone. Fix it with scotch tape.

Now your henna tattoo cone is ready. It is a perfect henna paste for all of your favorite designs.

Make your favorite mehndi design or henna tattoo on your hand and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Then stir the corn starch powder on it to make it darker and fixed. Let it dry again for some time. Then brush out the extra powder there and you are done.

This is your water proof, dark and last longer henna tattoo or mehndi design.


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