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How to Easily Cure Your Pink Eye Problem?

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis Symptoms & steps to effectively remove them

Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is a common eye problem. It is an inflammation of the conjunctivitis membrane and is generally treated conveniently. To know more about Conjunctivitis symptoms, please read further onwards:-

Here are the major pink eye symptoms you commonly see:

The foremost sign of pink eye is generally a sudden redness or pinkish color which shows in the white region of the eye.

  • Puffiness of the nearby eyelids or a “swollen eyelid” appearance
  • Additional discharge from the eyes, or crust near the eye edges
  • Watering or eye tears

The pink eye symptoms which you feel involve:

  • Feeling of a foreign body in your eye
  • Itchiness or irritation of the eye and eyelids
  • Minor stinging pain
  • Sensitivity towards light

These symptoms can be optimally alleviated through these methods:

  • Frequent washing of hands with soap and water or sanitizer must be done by patients along with others nearby them.
  • Frequent eye wash with cold filter washer & cold compression with ice packs assists in alleviating symptoms.
  • To wipe eyes, utilize tissue paper and dispose it correctly in the dustbin.
  • Wear sunglasses to prevent glare and minimize accidental eye contact with fingers.
  • Antibiotic and anti inflammatory eye drops to be utilized as prescribed by eye specialist-also have a distinct set of eye drops for each eye.
  • You must utilize a warm washcloth for relieving discomfort and cleansing eye discharge. The most essential tip though, is washing your hands completely and availing every possible precaution to avoid infection spreading.

Pink eye generally lasts for nearly a week, and infects a greater number of people in the cold and flu season. Several people come into contact with the pink eye virus and do not see the symptoms till 24 -72 hours have already passed. Even though, it takes some time for the signs of conjunctivitis to show, it would be wise to treat the cause and symptoms at the very first sign.

Even though natural remedies for pink eye may alleviate troublesome symptoms, any home treatments must not be utilized as substitutes for a physician’s care. Extended utilization of non-clinical treatments for pink eye will worsen the symptoms; improvise the possibility of infecting others and also other serious issues like ulcer, rheumatic diseases and systemic lupus erhthematosus. Permitting one of these conditions to continue sans professional treatment might result in permanent vision loss.

Pink eye is generally pretty harmless, but it’s always better to not let it happen in the first place itself. Do not forget that you have to keep your hands to yourself during conjunctivitis “peak times” so that you would not experience unpleasant pink eye symptoms.

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