How to Be Healthy and Happy in Life

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We can write a book on the countless ways to keep healthy but I will tell you that what are the best habits for real health and happiness? It is not an essay to maintain a lifestyle or tips to make you fat but here are some excellent methods to stay, fit, strong, beautiful and happy. We shall discuss best behavior to have a naturally peaceful, faster and stress free body and mind.

To keep oneself thin, is a good and even the best thing but we also need a natural beauty, glowing skin and attractive face to live a Healthy and Happy in Life. Each paragraph of this paper is like a speech to gain the best look without makeup, costly foods and gym exercise.

Commonly the teenagers have a simple charming look and need not to gain or lose something there in the physique. While in the older ages you will have to make a food list and home lifestyle for a joyful and vigorous healthy life.

Let’s start on How to Be Healthy and Happy in Life

  1. How much do you sleep in 24 hours? I don’t mean the time you spend in the bed. I am intended to speak on a peaceful sleep without stress and anxiety. The health specialists say it from 6 to 9 hours.
  2. Healthy fresh and well ripened foods are the key to healthiness. Normal, natural and simple eating will keep your stomach on ease. Especially the fruits, milk, honey, juices, yogurt and homemade foods are best for your health and fitness. Strike more negatives to spices, canned foods, over cooked things and marketed brands.
  3. Water rests in your blood and runs in your body. This running factor keeps your body moving. You are made of water more than 90%. So keep your basic item in your basics of life. At least 7 to 10 glasses in 24 hours are must. But please don’t overdose. It may lessen your strength and memory.
  4. I think the gym, exercises and workouts are not possible for all teenagers, school readers and common men and women. If you do it, then it is the best and if you can’t, then you should fix your body on moving. Increase your physical activities. Walking, jogging, running and in home transportation is a good workout. You are lucky, if you are tired of physical work. I said physical and not mental, computer or file work. Bodily fatigue will seek more sleep, more water and will return you more freshness and happiness.
  5. Give yourself what you love and like. Necessities are not the only things in your life. Know what your heart and soul seeks for. Include your lovely hoods in your shopping and busyness.
  6. Don’t be alone. Loneliness and a fixed home routine affects both of your health and happiness. A good company of your mode relaxes your nerves and muscles. Attend parties, joyful events, open air celebrations and smiling faces.
  7. If you are in some problem or a tension, then try to ignore or to forget it. Continuous thinking or worrying is not the solution and even can make your trouble worse. It is life and all happens in it. So why to get worried for what you can’t stop. There are thousands of people around you which don’t have the things you have. Keep smiling, laughing and enjoying.
  8. I tell you the source of real happiness. It is to help others and make them happy. You feel spiritual peace and calm when you make an anxious person pleased. Try it anytime. You will be thankful to me.
  9. Attend only what is necessary and leave what makes you bothered and stressed. Earth is very wide and air is free. Billions of people are doing the things which you have missed. Please leave what you feel unfit and upsetting.
  10. Bring confidence in your attitude and actions. Trust in your mind and trust on yourself. You are not the biggest but you’re the best of millions. Feel free after performing your duty and dealing with your daily life.

Happiness comes both from health and mind. Healthy mind resides in healthy body. You will be healthy and happy when you will decide to live such life.

Keep smiling!

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