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How does Yoga make you Strong?

How does Yoga make you Strong?

Here is why yoga is must. These are the benefits of yoga for your health and fitness. How yoga prepares our brain and body to make us strong, healthy and beautiful.

Till this time so many benefits of yoga have come on the screen that it looks like an exaggeration. There was a time when the yoga was limited to some spiritual types of persons and its only benefit was to be takes as mental piece and spiritual relaxation. Some people used to add the ‘focus’ as an extra benefit. But with the passage of time researches have been made on the yoga benefits which proved that it is something especial in many aspects of health and fitness.

The recently known benefits may not be necessarily new. There are two reasons. First that the yoga was not widely adopted exercise. Its all benefits were not well known and even if someone knew it, could not bring it to the common people. Moreover we all know that the facts take time to reveal. Secondly there are a lot of added exercises, invented poses and fresh poses which have been newly introduced and practiced. Obviously they have increased the odds to the positivity of yoga benefits.

We need a separate book, if we discuss all the benefits of yoga at once. Even the book will perhaps be a brief note. So we shall have to be confined to the main figures.

The main theme of yoga is concentration. Each yoga pose first demands a good concentration on specific object. This object is not necessarily a physical structure lying in the ground. In some yoga asana, a physical object too is used, but most of the yoga manners use mental concentration on virtual things, body parts and some brain concepts. Here is how this concentration and body posture brings us physical fitness.

In our daily life we have to continue our life routine even if we get tired. Our mind stays always busy. When we go to bed, we have some urgent plans for the next day and it happens always. We can’t stop our brain from thinking, planning, worrying and being busy in routine works. We face long periods of life without good news and mental relaxation. Even if some good news comes to life, it suddenly disappears in the next coming complications. If you decide not to think about anything there in the life, still you would have been thinking about something.

How does Yoga make you Strong

Same thing happens with our body. The body is under control of brain. Every automatic and manual function of the body is brought about after brain messages. From the lowest blinking to the vital heart beat, everything depends upon the brain messages. You would have observed that whenever we are suffering from some anxiety, our stomach gets disturbed while we have done nothing bad with healthy eating. It means physical fitness is directly proportional to your mental health, peace and proper working of brain.

Yoga is the start solution of all this mess. As we said that the main purpose of yoga is the calmness and freedom of brain waves. So the yoga brings us relief in all these conditions. When you sit and try to free your brain from all thoughts, your brain waves come back to rest. It is just like as you refresh your computer. For some time you get free of all the tensions, business and anxieties. Your brain gets a good restart in many fields and gets ready for good working. All body parts get new; fresh and powerful messages and you are naturally turned to good health and physical fitness.

Enjoy your life!

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