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Charlie Sheen.

Some facts about Charlie Sheen, when he revealed that he was HIV positive, he had already met a lot of women. What he did to keep it secret.

Charlie sheen movies and TV shows are on the air and in the hearts of the people. He has countless fans and lovers who always waited for Charlie sheen’s new show. His anger management TV show especially got attention of millions. He has been forward in fame race from Donna Peele model, Kate Upton model Brooke Mueller, Sam sheen, Lola Rose sheen, bob sheen and thousands of other celebrities. But one of the Charlie sheen interview reduced his image in the showbiz world. We shall talk about that but first see who he is actually.

One of the top celebrities Carlos Irwin Estévez, well-known on his stage name Charlie Sheen, mounted to prominence after a succession of winning films for example Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns and many others. Charlie Sheen’s net worth has been estimated between $125 million and $150 million. He was born in 1965.

Who is Charlie sheen married to? Charlie sheen marriages have one of main Charlie sheen news. He got married three times. Brooke Mueller was Charlie sheen first wife from 2008–2011. Then Denise Richards (2002–2006) and Donna Peele (1995–1996) but could not go on with anyone. He is the father of more than 4 children and is responsible member of a well known family.

With this great back ground he was fixed in troubled when in one of his interviews, he admitted that he is HIV positive from years. Doctors informed him about 4 years before and he tried to keep it secret. He had paid $ 10 million to the different people to keep it secret. Charlie sheen revealed that he had been with many women during this period but he argued that all of them were informed about it. He was enforced to get involved with public with this disease.

There are many queries in this regards. First, why he was with other women if he was obsessed with HIV? Second, if he informed all women he was with, how it remained as a secret. Third and the most prominent question is that if he had informed all concerning persons, why his ex-fiancé Brett Rossi claimed a suit against him. Rossi claimed that she was not informed about His HIV positive. The matter did not end there. Some other women too filed suits against him.

What do you say about his responsibility in this regard?

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