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Homemade Beauty Tips for Pimples and Marks

Homemade Beauty Tips for Pimples and Marks

Pimples and marks should be removed by natural tips and remedies rather than beauty products. These treatments will remove pimples and give you glowing face and fair skin.

Pimple and marks not only reduce the beauty but sometimes also cause pain and inflammation too. Scar and blemishes can be hidden with makeup but cosmetics and other beauty products sometimes cause to increase pimples and marks. It is seen that the makeup tips mostly contain a list of beauty products and cosmetics brands. It no doubt provides a glowing face and skin fairness but just for a limited time.

For a common bridal makeup many types of cosmetics are brought in use. Most of them are from cosmetics wholesale and rarely contain any homemade beauty products. Even some homemade beauty tips include many kinds of beauty products brands. Ignoring the natural beauty tips and natural beauty products is one of the main causes of pimples and marks. We should remember that natural beauty tips and home remedies are much better than cosmetics products.

Our skin and face are first in out beauty. Effective beauty tips for fairness and face glow can make us stand among the glamour. Unluckily the pimples, acne scars and marks directly appear on the face. They ruin all beauty tips for face whitening and we are to bend towards the remedies and treatments. The wise decision here too is the natural and homemade remedies rather than cosmetics online shopping.

We shall discuss some effective treatments of scars along with natural and homemade remedies for pimples and marks. These are simple beauty tips for skin and face which will make you free of pimples and marks without reading long beauty products reviews.

  1. Tooth paste is the first natural treatment of pimple and acne scars. Apply it on the infected skin for about 15 minutes at night then wash out.
  2. Keep your face in little cold water or rub ice for some time daily. It will reduce the inflammation and is a natural treatment of acne scars too.
  3. An effective way to remove pimples from face is to apply baking soda. Mix up some baking soda in water and prepare a thick solution. Apply it on the infected skin. Keep it there for about 5 minutes. Then wash out.
  4. Keep applying mud masks Time to time. Have a dense cleanliness after every mask.
  5. Cleanliness is bets natural prevention against scars. Clean your face, your soaps, your brushes and other beauty and makeup tools every time before and after use.
  6. Never press or pick the fresh pimples. Your hands can spread the contamination and secondly these pimples may get harder and untreatable.
  7. Aspirin is best homemade treatment of pimples and marks. Mix up about 5 tablets in water and make its coat on the skin. Keep it there for the whole night provided that you are not going to “busy” at that night.
  8. Keep up daily proper washing continuously. Wash your face maximum to five times a day.

The last thing is the moisturizer. Keep your face moisturized after every washing. It reduces the soap effects, irritation and also helps your scar marks to be washed out.

May you live a beautiful and healthy life!

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  1. Shouta says:

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