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Healthy Glowing Skin – Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

Healthy Glowing Skin - Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

Here are some skin care tips from Ayurvedic physical experts. They can make your skin naturally glowing and watery along with a boost in your health and beauty.

Everyone wants a beautiful charming skin. We are naturally attracted by the persons who have clear and glowing skin. It is because that shining skin is a sign of good health. Ancient people have discovered and invented some natural tips to make the human skin glowing and fair. Fortunately they don’t contain medicines and chemicals.

Have you ever thought that why your skin gets rough and dry. Why it behaves differently in different seasons. Ancient and even the recent experts say that it mostly happens due to some changes within our body. Ayurveda says that accumulation of Vata takes place in some seasons especially in winter and particularly in older people.

Ayurvedic has been a successful medical category especially in the beauty and human physical aspects. Ayurvedic experts believe that our skin gets rough when a specific substance called vata gathers within the body. It has some other health aspects like joint pains, hair dryness and nail breaking.

The experts say that this stuff is created on large scale in the following conditions

  1. Within the cold and dry season
  2. During mental disorders like stress etc.
  3. It also increases with bad food eating (here bad means which is not good for your general health conditions).

It is believed that suitable quantity of vata is responsible for keeping you young, energetic and beautiful. Our prettiness, skin fairness, hair shine, strength and face glow everything is inversely proportional to vata. I mean as the vata increases, the beauty elements stop working. With its increase, our skin gets dried, dead, dim and unattractive. So we shall have to stop vata collection to keep our skin tone on the path of attraction and gorgeousness.

So our main aim here is to stop vata collection. I searched and found some Ayurvedic tips to retard Vata gathering and to keep your skin glowing and charming.

  1. Increase Watery Vegetable Intake

Here is a list of water filled vegetables. You can use any or some of these to keep skin alive and watery.

  • Lettuce
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Radish
  • Fennel
  • Tender asparagus tips

You can select some others too and can use them with lemon juice etc.

  1. Use Dry Foods

Ayurvedic and Common medical experts both are satisfied with the affectivity of dry foods. Ayurvedic believe that dry foods stop vata collection. Allopathic medical experts too have a very good opinion about dry fruits.

From Ayurvedic historical date I have selected the following dry foods.

  • Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  1. Warm Liquids – Common tea, herbal tea, any kind of spicy tea like ginger and lemon tea
  2. Exercise – All light exercises and workouts including walking, jogging, dancing, boxing and yoga poses.

We are stuck to allopathic, homeopathic and herbal tips and remedies. Why not test these Ayurvedic best tips to make our skin glowing, silky and fair. I believe that soon you will have a charming skin and fresh mood. Yes! You will have a fresh tone of your attitude as all these tips are very refreshing and tasty too.

Enjoy your beautiful life.

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