Have You Ever Tried These Skin Remedies and Medicines

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Find a short list of medicines for the treatment of acne scars, pimples, spots, blemishes, wrinkles, black heads, rosacea and other skin diseases and conditions.

Pimples, rosacea, couperose, Hyperpigmentation, acne scars and black heads, all make you beauty muted. When you go to dermatologist for skin care and removal of pimples, he at once prescribes a medicinal treatment for rosacea and acne scars. Perhaps he will prescribe one of these medicines for skin diseases in dermatology.

  • Acutane – It is the treatment of severe nodular acne and is generally given when other acne medicines or antibiotics don’t work.
  • Atenolol – It is a beta blocker utilized mostly to treat angina and high blood pressure. It helps to treat skin diseases produced due to high blood pressures.
  • Benzac – Benzac AC – This medicine is one of the best acne treatments.
  • Blackhead Extractor – These are tiny metal tools used as blackhead remover.
  • Chemotherapy – CTx is a sort of cancer cure that exercises chemical substances.
  • Dermabrasion – It is a process that applies a wire brush or a diamond wheel with coarse borders to remove and balance the upper layer of skin.
  • Differin – Differin Gel – It is a scar removal medicine used in people of more than 12 years age.
  • Duac – Duac Gel – A Treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris, mostly inflammatory lesions.
  • Finacea – It is a relevant gel with azelaic acid, which aids the skin to repair itself more rapidly and therefore removes pimple and spots.
  • Isotretinoin – It is remedy for severe acne which causes deep, painful cysts and nodules.
  • Mederma – It is a onetime daily scar gel used to improve the smoothness, feel and on the whole look of scars.
  • Methotrexate – It deals with cell growth and is employed to treat leukemia and other forms of cancer. Sometimes also prescribed in some skin diseases.
  • Metrogel – It is the only effective prescription for rosacea treatment that is best and effective.
  • Minocin – These are Capsules used to treat infections of the skin and some sexual organs and sexual diseases.
  • Prednisone – It is a medicine similar to cortisone, Prescribed to relieve aching and allergic conditions and also to deal with leukaemia.
  • Rozex – It contains an antibacterial substance that is used as a contemporary treatment of the skin condition rosacea and helps to manage inflammation.
  • Simvastatin – It is actually a medicine used to lower the cholesterol and fats in the blood. It is sometimes prescribed for skin diseases linked to high cholesterol and additional fats.
  • Skinoren Cream – It encloses azelaic acid which is the good treatment of pimple marks. It helps to remove pimples and blackheads. It enters the skin and stops growth of bacteria.
  • Statin – It is a cholesterol-lowering drug group and has many bad side effects.
  • Tretinoin – These are creams employed to treat fine wrinkles and dark spots. It helps improve the coarse skin on the face which is caused by harmful sun rays.

Besides these there are many other skin dealing medicines but they have two problems. First the side effects and secondly the danger of getting drug addiction or drug abuse at last. So the better choice is natural treatment. Pimples and black head removal with the natural tips is not hard as it is considered. There are many easy home remedies for acne and pimples. They are at least easier than dermabrasion. Our problem is how to get rid of rosacea, spots and blemish and not the treatment methods. So the “Natural” is the best choice.

Disclaimer: Everything on this page is for information. Nothing may be taken as medical advice, prescription or recommendation. Consult your doctor for all concerns.

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