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Cindy is the Mystery Girl of Bieber – Wow


Cindy Kimberly is the same girl about which Bieber shouted surprisingly. She is going to be a best fashion model from a simple school girl. Well Done Bieber.

The people, who love Justine Bieber, would not have forgotten about the day when the Bieber uploaded a picture of a young teen girl. He also remarked as “O my God, who is this girl”. I don’t know why he wrote this as he is very tricky man but the thing I know is that the image got viral and viral. Justin Bieber no doubt is the fan of small faces and deep looking eyes. From Selena Gomes to some same family dating scandals, he is found in search of such faces. This girl got fame as the mystery girl of Justin Bieber.

 Bieber did not end here. He went in online and offline search for this girl. Some of his followers, friends and page watchers too followed him and what they found was a Spanish school girl. She was 17 years old and had no name in showbiz, fashion, modeling, movies, stage and nothing like this in the world of glamour. But no doubt she had glamour in her face and body and was beating many red carpet nominees. And why not? She was touching Bieber’ mind and you know him better than me.

Bieber too was not wrong. She got a natural similarity with Irina Shayk, Angelina Jolie and Kardashian clan. Wow.

Her name is Cindy Kimberly. The discovery went forward and she stepped into the fashion world. She did a fashion campaign for and her glamorous personality and dangerous beauty tells that she will go much forward. The media marketers are spreading more and more the hash tag fame as #OMGWhosthatgirl.

Cindy is getting two ways famous. Her beauty is getting more and more response and Bieber’s hash tag is helping him to walk rapidly. She has some natural appeal to get fame. If she gets succeeded in fashion modeling then we should admit that Justin Bieber is an expert. In first view, Cindy has all the body requirements for the modeling. She is Just 17 and no doubt with the passage of time she will get more beauty. Fashion field has the beauty germs. We often see that very common figures and faces become very special and stylish when they walk in the fashion world.

We welcome her in the fashion world and advise her not to accept any text or call from the Bieber. If she wants one night “fame” then the matter is different. I think you understand.

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