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4 Bright Face Tips by Hollywood Stars for All Skins


Girls are always looking for beauty tips and secrets. Everyone wants a natural glowing skin, attractive face and shiny hair. Teenagers always keep watching videos to find best tricks for fair fairness. Everyday YouTube keep adding videos in each language e.g. Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu and Bengali languages. Face whitening, oily skin and pimples are the main topics of beauty.

However everything on the internet with a beautiful picture is not good. Especially take care about home remedies. Homemade masks, moisturizers and creams are no doubt better than marketed products, but sometimes they may harm your charming.

Fairness may come even with simple and natural tips and you don’t need to take risk for it. It is the tip of the day. Here is list of natural homemade masks which will give you glowing skin and pure white face, no matter what type of skin you have.

Homemade Remedy for Natural Bright skin

Pores and blackheads are not cleaned well often. They just hide. After some days or time they may reappear. With this mask you will easily get rid of these troubles forever.

You will need only two ingredients i.e.

  1. Milk
  2. Gelatin

And both in small quantity

Milk has natural capacity to create fairness and glow in the skin. Gelatin acts as catalyst with the addition of softness on the cheeks.

Mix up 2-3 teaspoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Keep the mixture in a pot for some time, and then heat it up for few seconds. You can do it in some oven. You are done when the mixture gets creamy uniformity.

Apply this mask on the face. It should be little warm. When it gets dried, remove it softly. Wash your face with simple water.

Natural Masks for all kinds of skin

Almost all kinds of homemade masks work for face beauty, but the problem is the kind of the skin. There are many kinds of skin. So we should keep the ingredients in accordance with its nature. Here is some easy home remedy which makes your skin glowing, no matter what type it has.

  1. For dry and dead skin

Here we need something which can provide life to our face. Apple is the best fruit filled with vitamins and minerals. Similarly the honey is the part of thousands of skin care formulae.

So we need 2 ingredients again.

1 – Apple Juice

2 – Honey

Just mix them up. Keep this mask on your for 10 minutes. Then wash it up. You will find a new life on your cheeks, lips and there will be an attractive glow on your whole face.

  1. For Oily skin

Oily skin sometimes gives tough time. Here is a special working beauty tip for such tone.

1 – Egg white

2 – Lemon

3 – Olive oil

Beat the egg white in a bowl. Mix some drops of lemon. Add a little olive oil and mix up all the ingredients. Your mask for oily skin is ready.

  1. For Normal skin

Always prefer fruits. For simple tone we may use fresh fruits like grapefruits and banana. Just mix up their shakes and apply on the face.

All these beauty tips must work for you, as per your need.

I recommend 3 things!

  1. Prefer homemade remedies but with care
  2. Be natural and avoid marketed products

3. Use soft and simple things like fruits, milk, honey etc.


Everything on this article is my own research and experience. For verification of the ingredients I took some help from WikiHow, Food.NDTV, Seventeen etc.

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