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Beauty Tips – 8 Simple Tips to Boost Your Natural Beauty

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Beauty tips mostly concentrate on skin care tips, hair care tips and eye makeup tips. Here are some very simple beauty tips instead of long makeup tips. General Makeup tips usually do something about the body located above the neck i.e. skin, hair and face. It leaves the lower body and also the makeup slowly ruins your natural beauty.

In my opinion, if we just care of skin and hair growth, way may get rid of many makeup costs and salon visits. Natural hair growth and glowing skin, no matters it is oily or dry, gives you a charming look. But it case of parties and wedding our eye makeup too gets more important. The bridal make up needs special makeup tips and tricks. There, your homemade skin and hair care tips are replaced by best make up tips. But what if we always want to look different and special? I will tell you some very simple and easy beauty tips to make your natural beauty impressive and beauty in real.

Easy and Simple Beauty Tips

  1. Mash up a banana and en egg. Apply the mixture on your hairs. Keep it there for half an hour then wash it out. You will find your hair naturally conditioned and controlled. It is one of the best natural hair care tips. It also works for men.
  2. Honey is the best moisturizer. Apply some raw honey on your face, spread and rub it with fingers and leave it there for about 15 minutes and wash it out completely with any beauty soap. You will find your face soft, cool, fair and naturally glowing.
  3. Here is how to prepare a natural shampoo. Take one fourth of a cup of apple cider and fill it with water. This is much better than your chemical shampoo. It will give the same result with your good conditioner.
  4. Want to glow the skin of your body other than that of face. Take an orange and cut it into two pieces. Start rubbing it on your body skin which stays commonly open to others. Keep rubbing for some time. Wash the stuff stuck there after you have completed. It is a best skin care tips for oily skin. Especially the elbows and knees get more fair and lovely with this beauty tip.
  5. Do you know that tour skin cells keep dying with the passage of time? These dead cells make your skin dim and dark shaded. You can easily get rid of your non glowing skin. Take 2 spoons of olive oil and 1 spoon of sea salt. Mix them well and apply it on any part of your skin. It is one of the natural skin care tips for dry skin.
  6. Coconut oil works like a shaving cream. You can use it on your legs and take benefit of this simple beauty tip.
  7. There is a beauty trick that needs nothing to apply. Simply dry brush your skin. Please do it gently with a soft brush. It acts in many ways like a gentle massage and skin activator.
  8. Always applying something is not a good work. Prevention is better than cure. A skin and a body that is kept away from always open air, dust, direct winds, hard temperatures and infectious touches, gives you the natural beauty.

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