The Easiest Way to Make Your Lips Pink and Soft Forever

how to get pink lips without makeup

How to make lips pink naturally forever? You can get it fast and permanently without makeup. Here are some best home remedies which will make your face grapes African American. They will also become soft and red too. These natural methods are useful for men also. About all the natural ways work for lips but the problem is how to get pink lips fast and permanently. Fast means not in a week or 15 days but in two or 3 days. Permanent means they keep softness and pinkish watery touchRead More

Skin Tag Removal – How To Remove Skin Tags?

How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself

There are different causes of skin tags appearance. Similarly you can get rid of tags with different methods. Sometimes you can remove these additions fast and sometimes they take time to be removed. Skin tags are little, elastic, enlargements that hang off the skin and look somewhat like warts. They may appear on neck, face or somewhere else on the body. The question “how to get rid off skin tags?” has many answers. Freezing till fall off is one of them. It is done by a spray and with someRead More

How to Make a Tattoo At Home Which is Permanent and Easily Removable?

Permanent and Temporary tattoo

Let’s learn how to make a permanent or a semi permanent tattoo diy at home. Commonly you can do it fake with a pen or sharpie that looks real or make a temporary one with wax paper, printer or with some household items. All these processes are without needle so obviously without pain too. But how long does sharpie last? So the most of the design lovers like other main methods such as papers like parchment, hairspray, regular, inkjet, printable and simple. Laser and needle are even stronger. No mentionRead More

How to Be Healthy and Happy in Life

health and fitness news and tips for americam working womens

We can write a book on the countless ways to keep healthy but I will tell you that what are the best habits for real health and happiness? It is not an essay to maintain a lifestyle or tips to make you fat but here are some excellent methods to stay, fit, strong, beautiful and happy. We shall discuss best behavior to have a naturally peaceful, faster and stress free body and mind. To keep oneself thin, is a good and even the best thing but we also need aRead More

5 Honey Beauty Tips


Applying honey on face or skin is one of the best beauty tips.  These are no side effects if you adopt best method to use or to eat. It is common to apply honey and lemon for glowing skin and whitening face. Beauty experts recommend eating and applying it before sleeping and often for overnight. Use of honey on daily basis protects your skin against harmful scars. Putting it instantly or applying a mask leaves good attractive impression of your outlook. Everyday uses of a homemade honey pack or mixtureRead More

Woman’s Fitness Program-What Should a Wise Woman Consider?

women fitness

While a woman could certainly jump straight into a man’s fitness program and see some benefits, they may not be getting the results they would if they instead started a fitness program specifically designed for women. In fact, it seems difficult for women to engage in fitness programs as well. According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, women are less likely than men to participate in fitness programs. It also reports that 60 percent of women do not get enough exercise and 25 percent do not getRead More

Hatha Yoga for Beginners-5 Unique Tips

hatha 2

Followings are the main aspects to begin Hatha yoga. A Hard Row to Hoe Hatha yoga initially may seem to be a formidable undertaking, especially for those who have pain. Extreme stiffness and disability – Indeed, fur some students, such practices as asana or pranayama become the hitter pill of their practice, a source of discomfort and daily struggle, something to avoid. Usually, such an altitude is rooted in some form of competitiveness and the idea that we must hurry toward enlightenment and keep up with other incipient sages, PerhapsRead More

Glycemic Index Chart, Which Foods Convert Quickly


The glycemic index pertains to the metabolism of carbohydrates, and how quickly they are converted to blood sugar (glucose). A carbohydrate with a high glycemic index is one that is quickly absorbed and metabolized into blood sugar. A carbohydrate with a low glycemic index is one that is absorbed and converted more slowly into blood sugar. The importance of the glycemic index is that when a carbohydrate is rapidly converted to blood sugar, the blood sugar rises quickly. This leads to a rapid rise in insulin, in an attempt byRead More

You Wouldn’t Believe These Techniques of Yoga Breathing

breathing techs

Amazing Breathing exercise and Techniques The Process of Inquiry The following inquiries are intended to encourage attunement with the breath. They are distinctly different from the exercises so familiar to the Western mind. The word “exercise” usually implies some kind of repetitive activity (often unpleasant) that we will ourselves to do. Doing an exercise also assumes there is a set result we are trying to achieve, and the foreknowledge of this “correct” result tends to color our perceptions of that which is expected of us. The purpose of the inquiriesRead More

How Much Protein for Healthy Smart Weight Gain?

weight protein

Weight Gain Protein Requirements – How Much Protein Do You Need? By now you should know about the importance of consuming protein after working out. But do you know how much daily protein you really need? The amount of protein a person needs is determined by two things: body weight and physical activity. The US RDA recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight per day for a normal person. However, if you are currently doing strength or mass training, then your daily weight gain protein requirementsRead More