A fashion Model Who Walked in Runway One Legged

Fashion Model

When New York fashion week presented a fashion model with one leg! It raised tickets, online likes and wonderful live stream viewers. She was Confident and happy.

Fashion is glamour and glamour shines when comes to be unveiled. Fashion shows, Fashion TV shows and fashion weeks are the life of fashion. London fashion week, Paris fashion week and New York fashion weeks are some shows about which the people are always asking the dates. Fashion week Calendar always gives birth to top new fashion models and also revives the current model requirements.

What is a fashion week?

A fashion week is an occasion of fashion industry which lasts about one week. It permits fashion designers, brands or companies to exhibit their newest compilations in runway shows. The purchasers and the media have a view of the most recent trends.

Here we shall talk about an amazing fashion model. It will be a wonder for those who are always in search of fashion week tickets to attend physically or stick to screen to have these shows online. This wonderful model has changed the fashion model definition and quotes we have learned till this time. She looked brilliant when she was walking on the runway with one artificial leg.

Lauren Wasser is mad for modeling. She suffered from toxic syndrome and was going to die. Doctors decided to cut out her right leg and she became desperate of her career as fashion model. She thanked God for saving her life and made her eyes wet with tears to lose her leg and career both. Her situation reached a point; the doctors have rarely faced before. She was fighting with the disease, disability and career ending situation. Her leg had to be cut out and she satisfied herself to be at the end of career.

After improvement of her wounds, she had an artificial leg. She was wondered when modeling agency not only accepted her as a model but also brought him on the runway of great New York fashion week. She walked there with one leg, with the same confidence and won the game. The attendants there clapped and appreciated her a lot. She was neither confused nor facing inferiority complex. She proved that disability is neither a wall on your way.

She broke back into the fashion world informing Instagram fans that both her father and mom cried the day she was on set shooting for Nordstrom’s Holiday Catalog. “Great day with great people,” Wasser remarked in an Instagram photo slogan offstage at the Chromat show Saturday, wearing the structural black clothes she walked down the runway in. here are some comments given on the Instagram!


“Super stoked to see this out! Huge moment for me… @fotofetish… my first real job back in the modeling game. We both cried that day face timing my mom @pamelareneecook on set in disbelief to have even been chosen for the @nordstrom Holiday catalog.

Lauren Wasser is a message for everyone. She has become a precedent for the fashion industry. He has proved that body, face and look is not everything. Your confidence and determination stands alone in the keys to your success.

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