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A Cute Puppy Became Anil Kapoor’s Family Member

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Anil Kapoor’s gorgeous new pup! Anil Kapoor’s puppy got Viral.
Bollywood starts always show huge love to animals. Recently the same case appeared when new relations came to sight for the Anil’s gorgeous dog. We saw a huge response and likes from the Anil Kapoor’s fans. Joining the public, the Hollywood celebrities also openly commented, shred and posted beautiful remarks on the social media.
Great Movie maker and beauty engineer Rhea Kapoor gave flame to her social profiles to share valuable instants with their latest family fellow – a loveable doggie.
On the page she exclaimed!
“We have a new family member. His name is Russell Crowe Kapoor. He already runs this house. He is 55 days old and a bundle of love. He got sick the first two days in and scared the shit out of all us, I cried like a baby after months. He is back to top form now. He is everything”

Anil Kapoor, Hollywood, Hollywood News, Indian Stars, Pet, Celebrity news











Anil is a great person and loves great persons. He loves the great and ideals. The famous Oscar winner Hollywood star Russell Crow is in his best memories. So, he named his puppy after her name. The great celebrity is in love with this cute animal and fans are watching him busy with the doggie.
Reha is taking high interest and sharing shorts over shorts of him with the dog. The cut pet is on screen with fun photo sessions among the family me members.
Anil never needs an introduction. He is one of the dominating stars of the Bollywood. He is rich in talent and abilities. People love him and want him on the screen. He has spent an age of more than 37 years merely on the Hollywood box office.
We pray for him to be with us for long.

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