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6 Simple Beauty Tips for Dry Hairs – Hair Care

6 Simple Beauty Tips for Dry Hairs – Hair Care

Here are some easy and natural ways to deal with the dry hairs. I am neither recommending shampoos, oils and conditioners nor selling beauty products. These are just tricks.

Hair and hairstyle is one of the part and parcels of your beauty. Silky and thick hair provide you a gorgeous and charming look while the dead, rough and thin hair are a negative to your glamour. You would have been using best shampoos, hair tonics, hair growth oils and conditioners to keep you hair strong, black and shiny. But what if you have naturally dry hair? The dry hairs are always hard to handle with for a best hair style and beauty. I will give you some best hair care tips but first we should know that why our hairs get dried.

Dryness comes from loss of water and deficiency of oil. When our hairs loose the capacity to store essential water quantity and required oil amount, they get dried. It may happen because of several factors like use of chemicals, weakness of the hairs, protein deficiency, lack of minerals and due to some diseases. Whatever the cause there is, here are some hare care tips to deal with the dry hairs. These are easy, simple, natural and homemade tips which will provide you a solution for dry hairs.

  1. Keep Your Hair Cutting On Continuous Basis

When you cut your hair, their dead ends are removed. The portion of the hair near to follicles is less dried than the ending part. So keep on cutting the edges but please always cut a very small portion.

  1. Take Care While Wet

When your hairs are wet, touch them carefully. Don’t rub, comb or dry them harshly. Wet hairs break and damage easily and damaged hairs get dried sooner than that of healthier hairs.

  1. How To Comb The Dry Hairs

Comb before your hair get dried. You can easily solve the knots. If you get knotted there, clutch the hairs from the root and don’t let the roots be pulled. Over pulling have many dangers like breaking, damaging, weakening and peeling. Yes, your hair may lose upper layer strength and may be peeled off by extra friction of the brush and comb.

  1. Do not Use Thin ends Brush or Comb

Thin toothed and much closed toothed combs and brushes rub the hairs. Do not go very fine. Use widened toothed combing tools; otherwise you may wipe out the follicles oil, epidermis moisture and stored water in the hair cells.

  1. How to Wash?

The prominent reason to get your hairs dried is to wash them improperly. Never use such shampoos and soaps which contain high amounts of chemicals and acids. Do not wash again and again. Do not rub towel and never use the drier for longer duration. Use natural hair products and homemade beauty tips.

  1. Essential Oils

Oil is the treatment of dryness. Keep you hairs oily every time. If you can’t do so for some reason, at least use it at night while you go to bed. Use the good quantity of some natural oil with best quality and make your scalp wet with oil.

There are hundreds of more beauty tips for all kinds of hair coming soon in my next articles.

Be happy and beautiful!

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