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Here is Kate Upton’s real name, age, height, movies, videos, dates along with some wonderful facts and realities about this hot celebrity model.

Kate Upton’s real name is Katherine Upton and more real is Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Upton.

How old is Kate Upton?

Kate Upton aged 23 years on June 10, 2015. She was born on June 10, 1992. She is 1 year younger than Emily Ratajkowski and is two years behind Jennifer Lawrence.

Kate Upton’s height is 1.78m. She is 4 inch taller than Cameron Diaz. 7 inch extra tall is Kate Upton than Emily Ratajkowski. Her height with heels is 1.81m approximately. I think it is an ideal height and by the way who cares what I think.

Is Caite Upton related to Kate Upton?

No, the models Kate Upton and Caite Upton aren’t exactly twins or not even relatives to each other. The Kate Upton once tweeted –

“I’m not Caitlin Upton miss south Carolina… I know where the United States is located on a map”

So she is not Caitlin Upton’s sister.

Why is Kate Upton famous?

She is famous as a wonderful hottest, fashion, sexy and bikini model with a number of successes in many fields. She got famous for big bra, hot look, maturity and some viral videos like dougie dance and cat daddy. She also got on the papers for swim suit illustration stuff. Moreover she is a good actress and horse rider too.

Followings are the main movies of Kate Upton

  1. Tower Heist              2011
  2. The Three stooges    2012
  3. The other woman     2014
  4. The layover              2016

There is a long list of Kate Upton videos. Even it is better to say that these were videos that gave a new life to Kate Upton. Everyone knows about Kate Upton dougie. Kate Upton dancing by the way dougie dance got viral and she became the star of the cover papers. Kate Upton game of war video got also much fame. Many of her videos got banned like Carl’s Jr. Super bowl commercial, “Cat Daddy” dance and the ad for clothing company Zoo York for being sexy, nude and over seductively presented.

It is the same Kate Upton about which a big model director Sophia said that she is not able to be casted. She looks like the wife of a footballer which can be easily bought. According to high school classmates, Upton was neither the most outgoing nor prettiest person in school. And today she is celebrity model of net worth $20 million.

A very few people know that

  • Kate Upton is the daughter of Shelley Upton. She was former state Tennis champion from Texas.
  • She is the niece of Fred Upton, the Congressman for the Sixth Congressional District of Michigan.
  • Her grandfather was the co founder of million dollars worth Whirl Pool Corporation.
  • She loves horses. Her lovely horse name is Roanie Pony and she has won five national titles.
  • We all know about Upton’s 2013 Sports Illustrated cover. But perhaps a few of us know that it was the first fashion shoot in Antarctica.

She supposedly never had a boyfriend during her four years of school and now she has dated with many celebrities like star Mark Sanchez, the football legend, Maksim Chmerkovskiy a Ukraine dancer and Detroit Tigers baseball player Justin Verlander.

She has many contradictions, bans, criticism and opposing remarks but still she is the hottest pretty model of the day with millions of fans.

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