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4 Things You Must Know About Yoga – Short Facts


Here are Brief facts about the definition, origin and history of yoga and asanas along with its purpose. Is yoga related to or forbidden in any religion?

  1. Who Invented Yoga?

What is yoga – yoga definition is somewhat composite. Yoga is combination of disciplines including physical positions and postures with breath control and simple meditation played in a proper method.

Where did yoga come from? It came from India. It is not exactly well known who invented yoga. It is however proved from the researches that it originated in India previously known as Hindustan. It started before the ancient Hindu Vedic periods and was initially composed with few methods to gain mental and physical fitness and peace.

  1. How Old Is The Practice Of Yoga?

History of yoga is not new. It was started before the Vedic times and no one is clear about the exact point. The ancient Hindu Rig Veda is approximately 4000 years old and we found the evidences of yoga in this era. There are some myths none of which is proved well. However it is believed that history of yoga brings back to 5th century BC. The brief history of yoga is actually the history of yoga in India. From there it spread around the world.

  1. Is Yoga a Religion?

There is no evidence today or previously in the history that yoga has been attached to a specific religion. It neither introduces nor preaches any religious belief. Actually the concept of religion emerges in the mind because the yoga was started purely in the Hindustan during the times when the rules of the religion were strictly obeyed and followed. In fact the yoga is not bad for any religion

Is yoga bad for Christians? Yoga and Christianity conflict is not a basic religious matter but just a matter created by some Christian missionaries. They have objection on the some outputs, poses, moves and claims about the yoga. After these abjections a question is raised should Christians practice yoga? Yoga in catholic religion confronts some objections.

What is the ultimate purpose of yoga? Yoga beliefs are that the yoga is a practice to achieve health. It is to gain mental peace, body health and spiritual rest. It does not include any religious beliefs.

  1. What Is Yoga Asanas?

A yoga asana means a pose of the body. Asana is a style or position in which the body is kept during a specific yoga exercise. There are some basic limbs asanas in yoga which are then divided in to further asanas. They have benefits according to their nature and body positions. For example

  • Yoga Asanas For Flat Stomach
  • Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss
  • Yoga Asanas For Back Pain

And more…

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