3 Things Everybody Wants To Know About Pilates

Yoga (Bow Pose)

Here we shall discuss what is yoga and what is Pilates and what is the difference between them. Who invented them and what happens in the Pilates class.

What Is The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates?

Pilates and yoga both are exercises with approximately same goal, however there is a little difference between them.

What is Pilates? – A method of exercises with particular equipments, designed to develop physical strength, elasticity and improve mental wakefulness is called Pilates.

What is Yoga? – A set of disciplines including special body postures, breathe control and simple meditation to seek the body strength, mental concentration and spiritual peace is called yoga.

You can do Pilates anytime even with a home gym equipment but there is special timings for yoga in best workouts like Hatha yoga. Pilates workout mostly include some fitness equipment like Pilates reformers, exercise mat, gym machines, exercise ball, Swiss ball and foam rollers while yoga is mostly composed of simple body positions and meditation. However in yoga classes some gym equipments like yoga mat are also used. Joseph Pilates who invented the Pilates used the metal springs for Pilates exercises.

What Do You Do At A Pilates Class?

In the Pilates class you are not at once fixed with machines and equipments. Pilates is not harder at any stage as you are taken through a procedure. Pilates trainer first make you introduced with the simple Pilates machines like Pilates mat, balls, springs, foam and other Pilates workout equipments. You can bring your own fitness equipment but most of the Pilates gym and workout centers provide necessary things. Before you go to Pilates class you should be free of jewelries, dense perfumes and pocket stuff. In the Pilates class you are very easily molded from easier to hardest exercises so that everything looks easy and interesting.

Where Did Pilates Come From?

Pilates was started during First World War WW1. It is named after its inventor Joseph Pilates. He was a boxer, circus performer and possessed an energetic body. He was born in 1880 and was made prisoner in the war. From here, there are two stories.

First that he was badly injured which turned him to hard exercises. When he was released from the camp, he decided to heal his inner injuries with the Pilates and was wonderfully succeeded. Second is that he started the Pilates within the camp and used the heavy metal springs. He not only did his special Pilates workouts but also trained the soldiers for Pilates exercises. In both cases it is true that he had invented a best workout plan and system for the human body.

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