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3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immunity

3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immunity

These are simple immune system boosters. Get some natural ways to improve your immunity. No medicines, no exercise and no treatments.

What if you often get ill with small infection and immune system diseases like fever, cold, cough, sour throat and more? The first reason is that you have a weak immune response. What is immunity? Immune system is the defensive system of your body which keeps you safe against the coming diseases, infections and other health dangers. Sometimes the treatment of diseases and illnesses only contain some helping medicines which just boost your immune system to fight with the germs, bacteria or viruses. So the better cure of flu, fever and cough is a healthy immune system.

Here are three simple ways to beat the infections by empowering your immune system.

First way to Boost Your Immunity – Fasting

Hunger is never bad for your general health provided that you are not in a special diet plan or a fitness program. When you are hungry and control your carvings, your body is trained to become more powerful to beat the health hazards. The slimming centers’ first plan is often fasting. When you stop eating and stay hungry, your body burns extra fats to fulfill the energy requirements. Consequently you get a flat belly, slim body and physical fitness and an additional rescue from immune system disorders.

Researchers at the University of California proved that long time hunger helped against low immune system. Zero eating compelled the body to produce more white blood cells. WBCs are our immunity system soldiers to guard against the health troubles.

Best Immune Health with Meditation

There are a lot of benefits of Meditation or mindfulness. People often use it to be free of stress, anxiety and tension but now it is also an immune support. A publication of journal Psychosomatic Medicine revealed that mental concentration exercises and manners also improve your capability to defeat the diseases. Yoga poses and other spiritual and mental protocols cause your body to produce more antibodies and resistant power.

If your anxiety or stress causes some physical or immune disorder like flu etc, you may be victim of diseases of the immune system. The meditation may work like vaccination or natural cure. Mindfulness is not only the natural remedy of mental disorders but it also makes you a disease fighter.

Boosting immune system with Cold Water Bath

It may seem strange to you but it is a fact. A daily dip into cold water activates white cell production. You can have a daily dip in the cold chilly pool or try to swim in the cold water. If it does fit to you for some reasons, take a shower of cold water. You can even add ice to your water bucket or small water tank. Daniel Start, author of Wild Swimming and Czech researchers found that when you dip into cold chilly water or take a bath with it, more white blood cells or produced. I recommend it but will not do it myself. Sorry, I am very afraid of cold water bath.

Enjoy your health.

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