2 Foods for Instant Quick Energy – Energy Booster Foods

energy foods

Good health and fitness is perhaps our first dream. It’s our internal energy which keeps us going in each lifestyle. Each edible food contains some necessary nutrients for our health and body strength. Even the simplest food may contain some of the most beneficial vitamins, minerals or other vital fitness necessities.

So good eating is directly proportional to healthiness and good physical conditions. However each human body requires specific intakes. If you have a well working digestive system, each bite of your feed will provide you power and energy. You don’t always need energy foods list.

But what if you need instant energy and power? You may need it in your office, playground, on the road or in your bed. Marketed food supplements are not the best solution as they not only have side effects but also make your body habitual of artificial energy providence and not to extract vitamins, carbohydrates and vital fitness elements.

You may have eating energy boosting snacks and energy boosting drinks. However you actually should know some instant energy providing foods. These foods can do a big good to boost your energy level. They work just like energy pills and power booster medicines. I have given here 3 high energy foods. These are healthy foods that give you energy in the short time. You can say them quick energy foods.

  1. Raisins

Filled with carbs and electrolytes and is the favorite food of sportsmen and athletes. Raisins with their full taste have a good quality to digest instantly. They additionally help your stomach to digest pre eaten food staying there in.

Raisins help most of the other foods, in your digestion food track, to convert into energy and you find a new passion. Sportsman and especially the boxers and runners keep it tossing and chewing during jogging and walking. This energy booster increases your stamina too.

How to eat?

Include raisins in your nuts, cereal or yogurt intakes. It will increase fat, protein, and fiber working in the nuts. This may be the part of a lot of your foods.

  1. Strawberries

Recently some studies gave wonderful results about the power boosting capacity of strawberries. The most authentic results were published in journal Nutrition. Subjects were the adults who were facing obesity and were trying to get rid of weight. They were tested on treadmill. Some of them were given strawberries and rests were not. They were set to run for 1 hour.

The adults who were given strawberries to eat felt much less tired than those who did not ate raisins. They showed more energy, strength and stamina than usual. Foods with vitamin C also help your body absorb more fatigue-fighting iron,” Physical experts say.

Strawberries contain vitamin more than you expect. It is 100% rich of it along with a range of energy boosting nutrients.

How to Eat?

Simply top a spinach salad by sliced strawberries to get in the advantages of C plus iron from leafy greens.

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