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13 Things to Make A Face Mask Easy and Protective

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In the view of recent pandemic of Corona, the mask has got a big place in our life as a part and parcel. People are mixing their minds with medical needs, personality and fashion trends. So, here is our point.

We think a mask with following qualities will keep you safe and enhance your look and beauty.

What is important in a face mask?

It should be manufactured consistently and in good quality.

The nose piece which is supposed to shape or bend around nose to create a tight fit, should simply bend and stay bent.

It should have a piece of wire instead of a piece of plastic for the nose piece.

The metal strip at the top is very important as it reduces steam on your eye-hairs and glasses.

It’s also bad to be about 1/4 inch of mask above the nose piece which touches your eyes or eye lashes which can be very uncomfortable.

The ear loops should not be ironed on the mask that come right off making the mask unusable and at .40-.50 per mask, that is not a good deal. In a box of 50 if you find 12 some of the ear loop ends wasn’t ironed on at all. It happens in a poorly made product but if the masks are so hard to come in your area, don’t think so deep?

Commonly the solid support above the nose, appropriately a metal piece in most masks, is either missing or uses such a low amount of metal that it does not work. Do yourself a favor, skip such brand.

3-ply, with a melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer are the best to use.

Chose a color which is commonly used for example light blue or sky color. Don’t go over shades and flowery masks. You are to look gorgeous and responsible and not a vagabond.

A good mask may have:

Outer Layer: 100% Spun-bond Polypropylene; Middle Layer: 100% Melt Blown Polypropylene; Inner Layer: 100% Spun-bond Polypropylene or something similar.

It should be adjustable and soft nose-piece better to be of elastic cotton ear band.

Select Allergy Free, Breathable Material for your comfort.

It must be Multiple Fold and not a single layer.

Better to be proven to reduce the transmission of disease.

We all know that the mask should be disposed after each use.

Keep the box in cool and dry place and avoid heat over 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F.


If you are a grown one with a rather big head, and then chose which fits very comfortably. The elastic should be soft and does not hurt your ears after long wear.

May you live healthy and safe.

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